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Jinni Tips for giving Star Ratings

1. Title is the first impression of your review to readers . Be unique, precise & evoking.

2. Focus your review on the vehicle based on your expectation vs actual performance result.

3. You may write about Style, Riding Performance, Fuel Economy , Riding Comfort , Braking Effectiveness, Gear Shifting , Price Acceptance , Service & Parts, Product Quality & related Issues , Promotion, Dealerships & Manufacturer Services , Resale Value etc.

4. A story or experience on different type of roads (smooth /rough) , riding with passenger or luggage will add to readers interest.

5. Review shall be truthful. Try to be as objective as possible. Write ‘Good and Not so Good Points’ clearly.

6. For feeling based review section, be expressive. Include why you liked or disliked a feature.

7. Comparing with most popular vehicle in the same budget /segment is useful.

8. Conclude your review with recommendation:- to buy or not to buy.

9. We will moderate the reviews and suitably amend while retaining your key points.

10. We will be delighted to appreciate and suitably highlight top three monthly reviews on our site and social media pages.