Harley Davidson Iron 883 Review: Straight out of the foundry.

By Sriram Sridharan, January 12, 2017
4 out of 5
Description :

Harley Davidson’s Indian operations have been going towards a very successful and profitable venture. This is mostly attributed to the fact that they have the widest portfolio of big bikes that cater to a vast price range. It starts from the entry level Street 750 at around 5 lakhs all the way to the full size Road Glide at around 40 lakhs. Before the launch of the Street 750, their most popular offering belonged to the Sportster range, the Iron 883. The Iron 883 looked completely different from the other Harleys with its stealthy all black attire. Despite having a minimal amount of chrome it still managed to look much better than the other members of Sportster range. It in fact looked much better on the roads than most of their bigger motorcycles as well. The Iron 883 sold so much that Harley literally discontinued every other 883cc Sportster they sold in India. For 2017, the Iron gets a brand new graphic scheme along with several other mechanical tweaks. Let’s have a look at how good this blacked out brawler performs on the road.    

Looks and Design:
Unlike most conventional Harley motorcycles, the Iron 883 is completely doused in matt black and flaunts a minimal amount of chrome. The Iron 883 gets a simple looking round headlamp upfront shrouded on the top with a minimal blacked out lip.  The front suspension gets a regular telescopic construction. The shocks also get springer style fork boots made of rubber outside to give it a rustic appearance. The black shade of the rubber also goes well with the overall appearance of the motorcycle. The Iron 883 gets a minimal front fender which covers only 1/4th of the tire’s circumference and like the rest of the motorcycle gets the same matt black finish. The handlebars are standard sportster affair, flat and wide. Like all Harley-Davidsons, the indicators are mounted on either edges of the handlebars. The mirrors are wide and blacked out to go with the overall colour theme. The Iron 883 gets a 12.5 litre “Peanut” fuel tank that runs standard through the sportster range.

The Fuel tank comes in a range of colour schemes and proudly flaunts the Harley Davidson logo with a Bald Eagle beneath it carrying a banner that reads Iron. By far the best looking tank graphics on the entire Harley range. The tank is mounted slightly higher on the horizontal frame section giving it a very steam-punkish appearance from the sides. Below the tank lies the Iron’s 883cc air cooled V-Twin powerplant. The tank is completely doused in black save for the chrome pushrods and a strip that runs across the perimeter of each cylinder head. The engine also sports a very retro looking ribbed circular air-filter cover. The Iron 883 gets a side-mounted dual exhaust system with one pipe protruding out of each cylinder. The exhaust headers come with three circular slots drilled into them making for a very robust appearance. The pipes are fully done in black. The Iron 883 comes with a double cradle steel frame which is completely visible from the front due to the lack of any radiator unit on the motorcycle.