2018 New Bikes Buying Guide -India

By Team BikeJinni, 19 February, 2018


Buying new bikes are goal that almost every youngster set in their lives. Bikes are a much easier way of commuting, and they are economical than cars too. The public transport of the country is not developed enough to support easy commute regularly. A personal bike ensures swift mobility at an affordable price.

If you have finally decided to realise your dream and turn your life easy by buying a new bike, here is a guide that will interest you very much. This "2018 New Bikes Buying Guide" will help you choose the best bike and will turn you into a wise buyer by empowering you with knowledge and helping you with unique buy new bikes tools.

Indian Two Wheeler Industry: The Indian new bikes market is booming with time. Currently, the market sees over 16 lakh new two wheeler bikes sales per month, which makes it the world’s second largest two wheeler bikes market after China. 

 There are over 400 new bikes model variants manufactured, imported and sold by more than 30 "two wheeler brands" in the Indian two wheeler bike market. To simplify the process, these two wheeler bikes are divided into different bike segments which make it easier to identify and understand them. 15 different distinctive sections divide or differentiate the two wheeler motorbikes based on their bike engine capacity , fuel, bike body style, type of tires, starting system, features etc.

Buying the perfect new bike is like finding a needle in the haystack. It needs a good experience. Sometimes the most talented biker that you know, or the bike dealers near your home or the most experienced bike salesmen fail to compare such a huge number of bike model variants present in the market and guide a new bike buyer properly.


To make your new bikes buying experience easier and smoother, we have done some deep research with the most experienced experts. We bring a new bikes buying guide 2018 that will help you to be a wiser buyer and enjoy the bike buying experience with confidence.


Why Buy a New Bikes?


While you can get many great deals for old second hand bikes instead of new bikes, many factors strongly indicate why new bikes are better than buying 'Old used bikes'. If you are buying new bikes, you will be covered by manufacture warranty for 2 to 5 years for manufacturing defect. While a used bike would not come with any such guarantee. New bikes are supported by manufacturer’s assured bike service centres and backup support, while second hand bikes are to be repaired by yourself. 



You can also choose the latest new model bikes / scooters / motorcycle if you plan to buy new bikes in India . 'Old bikes' ('Second hand bikes') market will take some time to get the new models as when resale will start to happen. Also, nothing can beat the feeling of buying a new bikes. The fresh smell of the 

latest motocycle or latest scooty with plastic wrapped seat covers make you feel ecstatic about the new bike purchase. 


The initial cost of buying a new bikes is more expensive than buying second hand bikes, but the new two wheeler bikes require low maintenance and hence, lower cost of bike ownership. If you are not very technically sound about all bikes models and this is your first bike, buying a new model bikes will always give you peace of mind. If you decide to take a risk and buy second hand bike instead, you shall carefully read 2018 Guide to Buy Used Bikes in India.


2. Set a Budget for New Bikes


It is very important to decide the budget while buy a new bike. With easy new bike loans available, you have good possibilities to fulfil all your dreams to buy bike easily. But, if you have decided to buy a new bike on full cash down payment, or you have any limitations about getting "bike loan", then you shall seriously spell out bike budget.


While setting the budget, few things should be considered seriously.

What is the initial budget that you plan to spend on a new bike

If you’re taking a two wheeler bike loan , how much down payment is possible? 

Also, understand the monthly bike running fuel cost, regular bike service expense and if you’re taking a loan, then use bike loan calculator and check the monthly bike EMI is to be paid. 

Plan a budget for new bikes in a way that there is a financial strain on your daily life.

3. Clarify the Purpose or Usage of the New Bikes


All bikes are designed for the different purpose of usage. Once you buy a new bike, it will become an integral part of your life for few years. To enjoy the bike thoroughly, you have to know what purpose it will be used for and choose the right bike based on your usage & requirements. 

What will be your primary use of New Bike? Daily commuting, highway trips, travelling in rough terrains, fun or adventure, racing, etc. 

Who is primary User of two wheeler bike - male, female or both. Will various family members use the bike most of the times?

How many kilometres bike will run daily? 

Is new bike going to be used as a solo rider or with a pillion passenger on a regular basis?

Choosing a motorcycle bike for multiple uses will not give you the best result. For example, a track racing sports bike may not be ideal for the daily commuting purpose. Sporty designed bikes may not give you the comfort to ride in the heavy traffic roads on daily basis. 


4. Select a Correct Bike Segment

More than 400 new bike model variants that are currently available in India. Bikes can be divided into segments and sub-segments based on their body type, engine capacity & performance, fuel type & efficiency, seat designs, tyre style , price and some main features. The Indian two wheeler bike segment classification table below shows all the motorcycle segments and sub segments. Choose the most relevant bike segment that will fit your bike needs the best.


For example, if the new bike will be used mostly by a normal physic female, choose a light weight automatic scooter or scooty instead of a motorcycle or bigger scooter like TVS Scooty , Honda Activa-i,Hero Pleasure. It is easier to mount and dismount from the light weight automatic scooter and it is also easier to ride around the town. If you wish to commute daily through long distance, selecting a light commuter segment motorcycle like Hero Splendor, Bajaj Platina, Honda CD 110 Dream will be a wise choice as they are easily manoeuvrable around the city traffic and give you best fuel efficiency.


5. Shortlisting New Bikes as per Your Need and Compare Bikes

Now that you have decided on a bike segment, you should shortlist at least three "new bike models" that suits by your need and purpose. 

Shortlist the best fit 'new bikes in India' to your needs. For example - If your new bike usage is family oriented and will be used by male & female members in family and main user is youngster, then you may shortlist scooters like Yamaha RayZ , Honda Dio. In case of main user is female , then TVS Scooty Pep is good choice. In case you are male and solo user for going to college, shortlist best 'sports bikes' according to your budget like Bajaj Pulsar 150, TVS Apache or Honda CB Hornet.

Check the positive and negative reviews, comments about these shortlisted bikes on the online most trusted bike web portal like To understand more about the motorcycle and see how successful the motorcycle has been in the market, you can read through bike user reviews and bikes expert reviews on the product.

Compare the shortlisted bikes by using trusted bike comparison online tool to have deep understanding of comparative specifications and prices of the models you have selected.

Check the service support and bike dealership availability near by your place of usage of bike. 

6. Connect with Current Owners, Read their Reviews

Online bikes user reviews and expert reviews are very useful. Current owners can reveal a lot about bikes performance like their two wheeler bikes current mileage, riding comfort, pickup, issues along with other snags.

While reading such two wheeler bike reviews you have to be considerate about the fact that no bike is perfect. If someone has chosen the wrong bike for their purpose and needed, you may read dis-satisfactory comments about it. For example – a family oriented person has bought Yamaha R15, but his mid aged wife feels very odd on the rear seat . There are several such customers who have bought their bikes without deep thinking.

This 2018 guide to buy new bikes-India want you to choose the correct new bike for yourself. Connecting with the owners will help you to understand any minor or major problems that they have faced during their ownership of the bike.

Making the task easier, few best bike portals like BikeJinni , Droom , Zigwheel has the most explicit way of sharing a review on bike performance and both qualitative and quantitative way of star rating the new bikes. The 5 scale bike star rating on various aspects like two wheeler bike style & looks, fuel economy, gear box operation, riding performance, Price reasonability, braking performance, service & parts cost, riding comfort , bike dealership support given by  experts and actual customers  will give you  in-depth knowledge about the motorcycles in India. You can read about all bikes that you plan to choose by at Bikejinni Review section having  Expert Review, User Review, Bike news, Bike Feature Articles